We all have a mission to leave the world better than we found it. It is my life ambition to have a positive influence on the disadvantaged youths of our society. I therefore intend to achieve this noble call through fund raising activities, and empowering the youth through mentorship programs and education. Under this foundation, the sick, the troubled and youths facing various life discords are covered. Apart from the youths, we also include their families as well and we generate awareness to the public as a whole on their needs.
My foundation is very transparent in its activities and undertakings. If you participate you will form an important part in my mission by taking part in effortless but very important contributions. I therefore invite suggestions and ideas and hope you can hep spread Gary’s foundation gospel, to friends and family. By just doing that, you will be a gemstone in my foundation aimed at helping the youth development in the society. Your new ideas and initiatives are also welcomed.

I believe that through brainstorming we can generate more ideas and help this foundation grow even stronger. We will therefore be able to support more youths and someday go worldwide. Feel free to reach out and get in touch with me at [email protected] for any questions, financial spiritual or material contribution. I am ready to hear your story and offer help to the best of my ability. I can promise to be with you every step of the way until that point when you can stand on your own.
“Using fitness and peer to peer support to help veterans and their families transition from military life to civilian life.”

Gary Brown's efforts as a mentor for Play for Your Freedom and within the Veteran community are very complex. Since day 1 of our “Wellness Workshops” he has helped facilitate fitness and peer to peer programming for transitioning Veterans. He spends a lot of his time in the recovery units not many visitors go in, such as the spinal cord, substance abuse, senior living and acute mental health units. He has humbled himself using his personal story of overcoming physical, mental and spiritual hurdles to deliver a positive message. The message he is sending to men and women who are occupied and overwhelmed by their own struggles that there is HOPE!

He contributes to the fitness side of our workshops getting men and women of all ages and abilities up and moving. He uses knowledge earned from a professional football career in addition to his compassion and excitement for life to maintain a positive and progressive atmosphere at all times.

Gary’s greatest assets are his kindness, consistency and dedication. He visits our sites every month, which not only gains the trust of the Veterans we work with but maintains his genuine heartfelt approach to caring for others.

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Headquartered in New York City, the Greater New York Region serves more than 10 million people in New York City; Long Island; Rockland, and Westchester counties; and Greenwich, Conn. We respond to approximately seven emergencies and disasters a day across the region—home fires, floods, building collapses—and more, providing shelter, food, clothing and emotional support at no cost to those in need.

The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.​ The American Red Cross, through its strong network of volunteers, donors and partners, is always there in times of need.

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The service dog programs of America’s VetDogs were created to provide enhanced mobility and renewed independence to veterans, active-duty service members, and first responders with disabilities, allowing them to once again live with pride and self-reliance. America’s VetDogs specializes in placing highly-skilled service and guide dogs to individuals with physical injuries, PTSD, hearing and vision loss, and seizures. Our mission is to help those who have served our country honorably live with dignity and independence. All services are provided at no cost — including transportation to and from our campus in Smithtown, New York, instruction, and more.

For over 70 years, the Guide Dog Foundation has trained and placed guide and service dogs to provide increased independence and enhanced mobility to people who are blind, have low vision or have other disabilities. Once the decision is made to get an assistance dog, applicants become part of the Foundations' open and welcoming community and are supported with an uncompromising commitment to excellence, from highly empathetic and certified trainers, to a meticulously constructed curriculum.

Learn More Learn More's mission is to benefit charitable organizations through various fundraising efforts, therefore, bettering the community in which we live. In order to do so, we enlist the help of long island's business professionals, which allows us to not only raise funds and awareness but also bring them more business. Additionally, all the funds stay where raised, creating the most effective community impact. Together, we can make a difference in our community.

At, we are focused on supporting organizations that benefit local communities, which is why we hold and support many events on Long Island throughout the year. Each event we choose to support has to meet our standards and contain a charitable component with the aim to better the community.

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One-to-one matches between Bigs and Littles truly empower youth and strengthen communities. Professional staff from Big Brothers Big Sisters carefully build and support each match, and ensure it meets the strictest standards. Agencies strive for matches that are not only safe and well suited to each child’s needs, but also harmonious and built to last. The entire matching process, from the initial screening to the final pairing—and beyond—is made possible by your financial support.

But don’t just think of us as simply matchmakers. We provide ongoing support and supervision to the Big, the Little, and the Little’s family. We offer training and advice to help ensure that the match is working for everyone involved. And our local agencies even receive their own ongoing training and consulting from the Big Brothers Big Sisters National Office. This web of support helps maximize the likelihood that a Big Brothers Big Sisters relationship will thrive.

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Keeping families together and near the medical care they need

through a network of local Chapters Our network of local Chapters has been helping millions of families with sick children find comfort and support when they need it most. Our programs, tailored to meet the urgent needs of each community, can now be found in more than 64 countries and regions across the globe.

Since 1974, RMHC has created programs that strengthen families during difficult times. RMHC provides vital resources and compassionate care to children and their families being served by leading hospitals worldwide. Core RMHC programs — Ronald McDonald House, Ronald McDonald Family Room, and Ronald McDonald Care Mobile programs — provide access to health care and enable family-centered care. RMHC helped lessen the burden for millions of families in 2018.

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