"Thank you for your compassion and desire to make the journey a little easier for families residing in emergency housing. Your involvement allows us to fully support the high level of individuals during their most vulnerable times. Looking forward to sharing many more meaningful experiences, together!"

“I’ve never met a football player, professional or not. It was very exciting. Hearing how he played against difficult teams. Knowing he played with a legend Brett Favre. Also, one of my favorite teams, Green Bay. Go Packers. Yes I do, the experience we would get is game changing. By this I mean we could mentor children or learn different things that would help the neighborhood. Also help us to learn about ourselves.”

“I appreciate meeting the pro player and he gave me a sense of hope, he was sitting in his walker and he’s still standing strong. I have a walker myself and like this pro player I can see myself moving forward, never give up… there is still hope. I think it’s a very good Workshop, to view someone else’s lifestyle, so other would know that they’re not all that unique. Keep em’ coming.”

“Yes, I did, seeing the Super Bowl Ring, was my first time. It gives us something to do which helps each other.”

“Yes, I did, my favorite part was the sincerity of David Lionheart and Gary Brown, they truly care. Yes, actually being around other Vets and feeling like part of a team again is a necessity to transitioning.”

“Music and sharing, yes for communication.”

“it was a great experience and hearing Gary Browns story was the best part because it was a story that I can relate to and made me feel my life is full of hope. This is a good workshop for Vets because it shows how someone just like us can become someone as successful as Gary and can accomplish anything we dedicate ourselves too.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Mr. Gary Brown. It was my first-time meeting a pro athlete. I though his sharing of himself was very inspirational. I would highly recommend this activity as I explained above.”

“It was a very motivational inspirational group. I think Mr. Brown is awesome to go through losing the ability to use his legs and still get up and help people. Very good for Vets to be reminded of that “drive on” warrior spirit in all of us who served.”

“Of course, it was good for me and I love the VA and the help I receive, pro-active person. Thank God for a wonderful day with Gary Brown”

“Yes, I did like it a lot. Yes, it gave me inspiration. Thank you!”

“I actually go to see a Super Bowl ring up close for the first time, I also enjoyed his football stories and his will to never give up. I do think that this workshop is good for Veterans because it shows us that even after fame and fortune, you can hit bottom but not give up. To be passionate about something even when it’s tough.”

“I loved it, he was honestly the best speaker I have heard. He truly inspired me. Yes when you come visit Veterans who have this mindset that their life is too damaged to fix, after hearing what the speaker went through to recover, I’m sure many felt hope again.”

“It was amazing, great speaker”

“Yes, talking with Gary was great. Enjoyed playing football again. The whole event was great! Absolutely – anything that gets them out and active, feeling involved is great.”

“Very much! Flag football with Gary Brown as our coach and play-maker. Very much so, because they know they have someone who cares.”

“Absolutely, the enthusiasm of the volunteers that got the challenges of our athletes and adjusted the meet those challenges all day. Yes, seeing that the community is there for the Veterans and offering healthy activities. Mr. Brown was awesome, Go Packers!”

“Every bit was wonderful. My favorite part was meeting and visiting with Gary Brown, he was so REAL and had come through dark places and giving back and giving light. Yes, because it lets them know others have come through dark places, others are out there to help and its possible to have fun.”

“Thank you to Gary for always bringing positive energy and encouragement.”

“I have no words to describe it, love every part of it. Yes, because all of the support and team interaction, greeting of the staff and volunteers. On my case, I really needed this after a year of no social interaction. I opened up and enjoyed myself. Thanks again.”